Family Law Services in Melbourne

Family Law
We can help if you:

• Are going through divorce or family breakdown
• Are separating from your spouse or domestic partner
• Want to know your rights and obligations in the event that you are married or in a domestic relationship or considering marrying
or entering into a domestic relationship
• Are seeking or defending an Intervention Order (known as Apprehended Violence Order or AVO in some States)
• Want your children to live with you or spend time (or more time) with you
• Want to relocate with your children interstate or overseas or if you wish to prevent your children from relocating
• Are in need of consent to obtain a passport for your children to travel overseas
• Are involved in a dispute over property or superannuation entitlements
• Have agreed upon property and/or children’s arrangements and wish to formalise your agreement
• Wish to enter into a Financial Agreement ( including a Pre-Nuptial Agreement or a Cohabitation Agreement) prior to, or during,
your relationship or on the breakdown of your relationship;
• Want to spend time with your grandchildren.

We know that family law issues can be extremely stressful and confusing.
You should seek advice at all times but particularly when:

• You have been served with documentation initiating court proceedings;
• You are being asked to sign a Consent Order or other legal documents;
• You are being asked to attend mediation concerning property and/or children’s issues;
• You are considering leaving your spouse or partner or become aware he or she intends to leave you;
• You receive a letter from your spouse or partner’s lawyer;
• You are informed that a caveat or other claim is being made upon your property which you own;
• You are considering marriage or cohabitating with your partner and want advice.